Aguilar Press is an independent e-book publisher of well-researched historical novels and of scholarly works on aesthetic theory, preferably with a firm grounding in contemporary cognitive science and evolutionary theory. We publish in English, French, Spanish and German, and also consider new translations into English of Spanish and German classics. Our preference is for short manuscripts of under 50,000 words.

Aguilar Press is distributed through Smashwords, an e-book distributor: click here to visit the bookstore page.

For information about Aguilar Press in French, Spanish or German, click Paris, Mexico City, Madrid or Berlin.

Managing Editor: Marilyn R. Rosengarten

3 thoughts on “Toronto

  1. Hi Marilyn,

    I met Ekbert in the Glyptotek in Copenhagen, I was seated on a seat provided in a gallery and was drawing from a painting by Millet, Death and the Woodcutter. I was told I could not sit and draw…though it would be OK to sit and look! Ekbert found this interesting and was discussing it with my wife Marianne. After, we struck up an amazing conversation. I am an artist and would be poet and writer. I was there to discover the Golden Age of Danish painting and took Ekbert to the the relevant galleries showing him the marvellous staircases on the way. We sat fittingly in front of a painting of Socrates where he began to talk about our work and found many connections. It grew dark and became late and we had to part though I know it was only the beginning of what may become a great friendship.We exchanged details and address etc. However when I tried to ring him I found it was your number and so I was unable to talk again with him. I believe he leaves Denmark today. I do not even have an email address though he has mine. Perhaps he will email me. However I wonder if you could call me or email me so that I can contact him again.


    Martin Taylor Artist
    mob plus 447760 120868
    twitter mtaylorart1

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